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Adirondack Plays is a publishing company with a mission:

Connect theater groups with new plays relevant for the 21st century.

Adirondack Plays publishes anthologies of new plays so that artistic directors can easily find plays for their particular needs. The anthologies are an affordable way to discover new plays without having to read through the dreck that open submissions will deliver (we remove that dreck for you).

Playwrights know how difficult it is to get their work into production and more importantly multiple productions. We seek works that are not published. Plays may or may not have been performed. 

Playwrights retain all the rights with the plays for productions and for future publication. It's your play, we just want to help you get out there.


Mostly Female

Community Theater throughout the country have the same problem -- more actresses than actors. While most plays have more male than female characters. This anthology will have plays -- both full-length and one-acts -- which have more roles for women (or non-gender specific roles).

Social Justice

Plays with a cause. The Social Justice anthology will feature plays concerning race, feminism, poverty, wealth inequality, immigration or other issues of social justice.


The LGBTQ Anthology will focus on the issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and questioning individuals in the 21st century. All types of plays are welcome including romantic comedies, serious drama and everything in between. The only requirement is that non-heterosexuals are the main characters.

Black Box

Black box plays  have very basic technical arrangements, such as limited sets, simple lighting effects, and an intimate focus on the story, writing, and performances rather than technical elements. Plays for Fringe festivals and other experimental theater are encouraged.

High School One Acts

One act plays are popular for high schools to get drama students the opportunity to perform. One act plays are also often used in competitions. For this anthology, we are looking one act plays that are appropriate for high schools, meaning no sex and minimal violence. Note: characters are not limited to high school age.

For Churches

Church theaters are in need of high-quality plays. Adirondack Plays for Churches will focus on plays with messages of love, forgiveness and generosity. Plays do not have to be specifically Christian, but should not contain vulgar language or sexual innuendo. In addition to full-length and one-acts, shorter plays that can be incorporated into worship services will also be accepted.